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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ross Manson on The Whole Shebang

Who: Ross Manson, Volcano's Artistic Director
What: The Whole Shebang
When: November 23-25, 2012

Q & A with Ross

What’s so great about The Whole Shebang (TWS)?

TWS is emblematic of one of the things I most value about Toronto. We have an arts community here that is generous and adventurous. Artists from all kinds of backgrounds are willing to come together in one place, and just see what happens. We're lucky to have this instinct. And we're lucky to have Andrea showing us to ourselves.


What is your history with Andrea Nann (Artistic Director, Dreamwalker Dance Company)?

I love Andrea! I've worked with her across Canada and Europe over the course of a decade on The Four Horsemen Project - one of our most successful shows. In fact, her presence in that project helped make it all possible. She is a delight to be with, a talent to reckon with, and has the most particularly mathematical mind of anyone I know. She can hold very complex patterns in her mind and understand how they intersect. When you're dancing on offbeats while singing something in a different rhythm, that's useful. Especially when you can understand not only your pattern, but the other dancers', too. She's an astonishing person. And a good arm wrestler.


Do you have a favourite project presented in past TWS programs?

TWS introduced me to the poetry of Souvankham Thammavongsa in 2007 when she read some new poems to a packed house at Harbourfront - a house that held its collective breath, understanding that this was something special, something rare. That was a revelation. Souvankham is perhaps my favourite Canadian poet now. Or one at the top of my list. She was introduced at that particular Whole Shebang by another favourite: Michael Ondaatje. Andrea does this event well, and finds amazing people to populate it.


Dancemakers (Distillery District, 9 Trinity St., Studios 313 & 314)
November 23 & 24 @ 8PM (pre-show activities begin @ 7:30PM)
November 24 & 25 @ 2PM (pre-show activities begin @ 1:30PM)
Tickets from $15 - $25  - Book Tickets Here!

Also check out The Whole Shebang blog - including interviews and musings from artists involved in this year's program!

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