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Friday, 16 November 2012

Meet a Volcano Artist: Andrea Nann

Who: Andrea Nann
What: The Whole Shebang 2012 - one:two:one
When: November 23-25

Andrea Nann on stage: Book tickets to The Whole Shebang here (from $15-$25!)

A long-time friend of Volcano, Andrea is the Artistic Director at Deamwalker Dance Company as well as an accomplished dancer, educator and choreographer. 


Q & A: what do you need to work?



Here are a few personal necessities:

I need to start out feeling a healthy dose of uncertainty, doubt, vulnerability, humbleness (I prefer to avoid fear if at all possible). At the same time I need to rub my hands together and to feel positive in body/mind/spirit.

If there are others 'in the room' I need their willingness.

I need hair elastics and hair clips, comfortable underwear, a diverse selection of instrumental music, a couple of songs, a notebook and an active imagination.

I need to know that there are lots of different snack options in my bag - BEST if they have a crunchy or chewy texture - even if I never get around to eating them.

I love salt.

I need to know that I am currently 'inside my craft' whether this means that I am keeping up a daily practice or am otherwise immersed in activities that connect me to the question, "what moves me?".  I need to be able to work barefoot and to have the freedom to move in and out and on the floor.

I need to know that my family is safe and well.

I need to be both inside and outside the experience, simultaneously observing myself and others as both a doer and a witness.  I need to remain communicative.

When I'm really in the thick of things I need quietude.  I need to enter a shadow and experience solitude.  I love the hours between 1am-3am when others are asleep and I can find true stillness in the dark. 


In association with Volcano Theatre, Dreamwalker presents the 6th edition of The Whole Shebang from November 23-25, 2012. A presentation of performances by a plethora of amazing artists, this event brings together the Toronto arts community - dancers, visual artists, opera singers, puppeteers, actors - for a unique and eclectic three nights. 

Check out The Whole Shebang blog that includes stories and ideas about twins from participating artists:


Volcano and Ms. Nann:

Andrea was on-stage as part of the ensemble in Volcano's The Four Horsemen Project (2007). This production, combining poetry, projected animation and dance was based primarily on the work of a group of poets formed in the early 1970s in Toronto - Rafael Baretto-Rivera, Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery and bpNichol. Collectively, the Four Horsemen were one of the first sound-poetry ensembles anywhere in the world. They worked in an experimental mode that included both concrete (visual) poetry, and sound poetry, and in so doing, quickly gained an international reputation for wild invention and informed irreverence.

Volcano also worked as an associate producer on The Whole Shebang when Andrea launched the series.

Check out Andrea in this video of The Four Horseman production:


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