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Friday, 16 November 2012

Meet a Volcano Artist: Kate Alton

Who: Kate Alton
When: November 23-25, 2012

Kate Alton is a featured choreographer presenting two outstanding duets in The Whole Shebang: Book tickets here (from $15-$25!)


Q & A: what do you need to work?


What I want: 
I want an open space, a dancer or two, an eye that I trust to look at what I've done, a solid work period followed by a break to reflect, then another big push once I know what direction I am heading. I also like deadlines, but not tight ones.

What I need:
I need to feel strong and ready physically. I need to get into a headspace that opens up a channel in my mind for the accumulated ideas to flow out. I need to feel safe too, though I wish that this were not true and I hope that it is changing.


Kate's choreography is featured in the Whole Shebang presented by Dreamwalker Dance Company, in association with Volcano. Running November 23 to 25th, the Whole Shebang will host a large cast of dancers, actors, puppeteers and singers - get more information on the show and performers here!


Volcano and Ms. Alton:

Kate has been an intrinsic part of many Volcano productions over the years including Appetite (2009), The Four Horsemen Project (2007), Despair and Other Conundrums (2006), and Mortality (2002). She is currently co-creator and choreographer of a Volcano production in development Until We Say Yes that brings opera singers, dancers and actors together to tell stories about Canadian hybrid identities in the 21st century. Kate is also an accomplished dancer and serves as Artistic Director of Crooked Figure Dances – a company recently re-vamped to focus on Kate’s work as a performer, choreographer and creator.


Check out Kate, and some of her choreography in rehearsal, in this video for Until We Say Yes:

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