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Monday, 30 December 2013

Infinity Rehearsal Journal: December 20-21, 2013

Clare Preuss is Volcano's associate artistic director. She's keeping tabs on the beginnings of Infinity, a new play by Hannah Moscovitch currently in development... 

I write this final Infinity workshop 2013 entry from Pearson Airport, ready to take off for a family holiday season in Switzerland. I feel inspired to share excellent new Canadian theatre with the rest of the world.  This is one of the reasons I’m so delighted to the be the Associate Artistic Director at Volcano – Ross and team are not only dedicated to creating some of this country’s most poignant, touching live performance but they are also committed to touring productions to countries across this planet.

Hannah has written a play with many universal threads that touch our hearts and stimulate our minds.  After this productive and collaborative two weeks of development, it is my hope that audiences in Canada and around the world will have the opportunity to experience this touching piece of theatre.

In the final two days of this round of workshop process, we gathered to refine the staging, musical, choreographic and text based creation that we have conjured up over this time together.  Then, on Sunday, we had the opportunity to share the piece with an invited group of artists and loved ones.  It was a passionate day of presentation of and conversation.  Now, the Volcano team continues to work toward bringing a full-fledged production to audiences in Toronto and beyond!  

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