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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Infinity Rehearsal Journal: December 13-15, 2013

Clare Preuss is Volcano's associate artistic director. She's keeping tabs on the beginnings of Infinity, a new play by Hannah Moscovitch currently in development... 

As we delved into the second half of the first week of the workshop, we were in the thick of play development.  On Friday, we continued to investigate the piece scene by scene, finding the aspects of both character and story that are useful to continue exploring in more detail.  The piece is really coming to life and some deep questions are being asked that will allow the play to grow in fullness and clarity.

On Saturday, we had the great honor and pleasure to welcome world-renowned theoretical physicist, Lee Smolin, in rehearsal.  We read the play for Lee and were thankful for his enthusiastic reaction and clarifying notes regarding both the physics and the relational content of the play.  It was our first big snow day in Toronto and, at the end of our rehearsal Lee was trying to make a hair cut appointment but the cabs were taking forever to come - so, I volunteered to cut Lee’s hair and he accepted!  I’m Ross’ hairdresser as well and it was a delightful impromptu experience at the end of a completely inspirational day.

The Infinity Team: actors Paul Braunstein, Amy Rutherford,
and Haley McGee; violinist Andrea Tyniec; and (seated)
choreographer Kate Alson and director Ross Manson

Sunday was split into two distinct sections.  We began the day by taking all of Sarah Jean’s adult solo moments in the play and stringing them together to find the internal arch of Sarah’s present moment journey.  This experiment was very helpful in finding the drive behind Sarah Jean’s monologues – what she is working to figure out.  After our break, the rehearsal hall was opened to Volcano’s supporters.  We gathered for a potluck lunch that was followed by Andrea playing some music from the play as well as a reading of a scene from the piece.  The mood was jovial and everyone seemed to enjoy this sneak peek at this dynamic and innovative new piece.

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