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Friday, 17 February 2017

Part 2: The Infinity cast on getting into character and how this play has shaped their perspectives of time.

The conversation between assistant director Michela Sisti and the cast of Infinity continues....

Infinity is in many ways a very heavy play, emotionally. What sorts of things do you do as performers to first of all prepare yourself for your time in the room, and then how do you let go of it afterwards?

Paul Braunstein, Amy Rutherford & Vivien Endicott-Douglas

Paul:  I just try to keep some energy for the end of the day.  It’s emotional but there’s a certain satisfaction in that too.  I remember that from Goodness too – the other Volcano show I did with Amy.  It was so heavy, so messed up: holocausts and genocide. Yet, it’s such a good play that a kind of artistic completion happens that feels really good when it arrives.

Vivien:  I think that as much as it is heavy in this play, for me the release that Sarah Jean has at the end is a kind of a catharsis. For me it is a hopeful thing that she recognizes she can change and that we all can change. 

I don’t know whether or not that’s like crystal clear to the people in the audience, but hopefully it kind of permeates and they go away and call somebody that they love, or feel opened up, as opposed to hardened.  Definitely, it is hard and it is exhausting to do this journey every night but there is a connection that happens that opens me in a way that I am grateful for.

Amy: All of the people working on this show are invested and supportive and full of play and humour so that makes it easier.

I have to say I have a different experience with my character because Carmen doesn’t have that sort of epiphany moment. So I think it’s one of the most challenging plays that I have ever done. I do leave feeling like I have something that I have to shake.  So I’ve just been trying to rest and eat well and exercise.

Last question: Is time open or closed to you?

Vivien Endicott-Douglas (Sarah Jean Green)

Paul:  It’s open. I definitely feel that it’s open. I’m not quite totally sure what it is and I know that my physical being on this earth is finite. One day this chunk of meat is going to lay down and never get up again…

[Laughter from everyone!]

It might get up again with modern science! It could happen. Look out!

[More laughter.]

It’s open. I feel like it’s open.

Amy: Open. I was auditioning for another play about physics with a different idea about time than in this play and I couldn’t fully buy in. I do feel connected with the physics in this play. So open.

Open or closed, Vivien? Pick your side!

Vivien: It’s open. We all have the capacity to change.

Based on sold-out shows Infinity is back from March 22-April 2 for a limited time run at the Tarragon's Extraspace. Click here for tickets!

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