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Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Q&A with Debashis Sinha

Debashis Sinha has been crucial to the development of the sonic world of Century Song. Working with creators Ross, Neema and Kate, Debashis (along with pianist Gregory Oh) creates a live improvised soundscape onstage every night. We're so lucky to have Deb's unique electroacoustic sound as a part of Century Song's journey through the past century of art, history and emotion.

Debashis Sinha

Get to know Deb through this Q&A:

Q: What moment in the show always delights you or takes your breath away?

A:The very last note and move that Neema does of the Aperghis-the moment before Gregory and I launch into the response. So lovely and  powerful, and a testament to Neema’s incredible strength and artistry.

Q: What moment from the past Century do you wish you’d been a witness to?

A:I wish I was in Berlin the night the wall fell.

Deb hard at work during an early workshop

Q: Music is at the heart of Century Song.Do you listen to music to get ready before the show? 

A:Absolutely not. I like to keep my mind clear.

Q: This show’s been in development for 5 years. Have you ever done anything else that took five years?

A: Other than be a dad, no.

Q: Can you tell us about a surprising or memorable moment during the creation of Century Song?

A: The first time I saw Neema run through what she and Kate had been working on - I was completely flabbergasted at how amazing she was! And so thankful to have been asked to be a part of it. And completely unsure of how anything I could do could make it better.

Check out Deb's incredible work when Century Song opens at The Theatre Centre this January, curated and presented by Volcano Theatre as a part of Progress. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Use the code EARLY18 before December 25 to get $18 tickets. 

To learn more about Deb's music you can visit his website or check out his Bandcamp profile.

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