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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dear Diary: Infinity rehearsal, preview week

Every week, Infinity Assistant Director, Mariel Marshall writes us a diary entry of her experience in the rehearsal hall. If you haven't already, start at the beginning by scrolling down to Dear Diary: Preparing for Infinity Rehearsals. 

Here's what Mariel has to say about Infinity's preview week:

We’ve had a week of previews and it’s been a really exciting time. We continued to undergo changes to the script and to the staging all week. Having an audience witness the performance gives us a lot of feedback about which scenes are working and what timing and rhythms create laughs, tension, and catharsis. Tonight we open the show! We won’t have the chance to do any further edits or rewrites, so it’s our last chance to make any final tweaks. So far, the feedback we’ve received from audiences has been incredibly exciting. People are buzzing about this show. It’s a crazy beautiful piece about love, math and time, and it’s been crafted with incredible care. Enjoy!

Hannah Moscovitch, Andréa Tyniec, Amy Rutherford,
Paul Braunstein, Haley McGee, and Ross Manson

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