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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Reflecting on the art of play, creation, and imagination the Conservatory

It was a great week at this year's Conservatory!  An amazing lineup of courses attracted artists from Vancouver, Montreal, and even overseas, to learn from our industry's finest instructors.  All the way from Colombia, Mariana Aristizabal traveled to Canada to immerse herself in a full slate of classes at the Conservatory. After a fruitful week, Mariana shares her thoughts and takeaways from an inspiring experience...

I decided to come to the Volcano Conservatory without hesitation when Ross invited me for several reasons: I wanted to get in touch with people involved in theatre in Canada, to find about different ways of creating, and I wanted to get a sense of the people - in Toronto at least - that conceive and live theatre. 

During this week I've been able to get a touch of not only Canadian theatre, but also to learn about other people's vision of theatre, about creation, and about being an actor. 

Everyone that has taken part in this workshop has shown his or her self as a very generous person - willing to collaborate with others, ready to share experiences, ideas, and knowledge.

All of the teachers were very clear with their instructions, and committed to transmitting what they wanted us to learn.   They have shared their knowledge in the most generous way, and they remind us that theatre is the art of play, of creation, and imagination.

Thanks to Susie Burpee and Peggy Baker, I’ve come to realize that dance is much more than movement, and that movement itself has endless possibilities - maybe movement could be the starting point of a great creation.  With Sonia Norris I've come to realize that a mask needs all of our engagement when realizing an action with it.  And Stephen O’Connell got me thinking about collaboration and relationships amongst humans in order to create, leaving egos and personal desires behind and focusing only on the work. 

To finish I would like to thank you for making this possible, thanks for this wonderful experience!

Mariana Aristiz√°bal

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