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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Exciting news! Jennifer Tarver joins us at the Volcano Conservatory

We're super excited to announce that the newest AD in town, Necessary Angel's Jennifer Tarver, will be teaming up with us this summer at the Volcano Conservatory.

Jennifer joins an all-star roster of instructors from Canada, the US, and Germany, at our annual program of alternative training workshops for all kinds of artists - directors, actors, dancers, singers - whether new professionals or seasoned practitioners, who are looking to expand their horizons and delve deep into new artistic territory.

The Physically Active Monologue:
an exploration of the Grotowski method

Based on the methods of Jerzy Grotowski, the course will focus on the ability to create a precise physical action, and to infuse voice and text with the intention of that action. In preparation for the course each student will prepare a monologue. The monologues will be used as foundational texts from which to explore the elements of action: form, impulse, rhythm and direction in space. The course is an investigation into how meaning, and narrative fuse with physical impulse in space to create dramatic action.

From Ross: "Jennifer Tarver is a director whose startling vision and dedication to craft was formed in the indie sector, and she has carried that perspective to great success at Stratford, in New York, and now as the incoming AD of Necessary Angel Theatre. This is a terrific chance to study with someone who has worked across many sectors with an idiosyncratic and original voice. Not to be missed."

Jennifer joins instructors Cynthia Ashperger, Peggy Baker, Quinn Bauriedel (Philadelphia), Sarah Bild, Sigrid Herzog (Munich), Sonia Norris, and Volcano AD Ross Manson at the Conservatory June 19-28. For full details, and to register, visit

Check out this vintage video of a training session at Grotowski's "Laboratorium":

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