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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Help Us Make Things Happen!

We're super pumped about the events we have coming up, and we hope you or someone you know might also be pumped! So pumped that they want to get involved:


For three days in May, Volcano is turning the Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto into a wild creation lab, where young artists turn contemporary ideas from fascinating academics into radical new site-specific creations.

We're looking for:
  • Videographer(s) and Photographer(s): we need to capture as much footage and as many images as possible of the performances and lectures. These volunteer gigs are a great chance for students to build their portfolios. We need to book at least one videographer and one photographer for the lectures (May 3, 7-9PM) and the performances (May 5, 2-6PM). Please email Ginger Scott with a brief statement of interest to apply (if you have samples of previous work, we'd love to see it!). 
A performance at inFORMING CONTENT 2012
Up Later: Volcano Conservatory

Volcano's training program is back July 19-28 at the Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement (map). This annual offering of workshops provides access to alternative training in techniques from around the world with top theatre practitioners. The full Conservatory schedule will be released in the next few weeks...we'll leave you in suspense about that for now, but suffice is to say we're super excited that Volcano AD Ross Manson is teaching this year (!!), alongside artists from Canada, the US, and Europe. If you're not already on our mailing list, get in touch ASAP so that you'll be one of the first to hear when the program is announced.

The Opportunity: We're looking for an On-Site Coordinator to provide support for the instructors and students throughout the two-week Volcano Conservatory. This is the perfect gig for theatre artists: we can't pay you, but we can offer you free courses with our fantastic instructors.

On-Site Coordinator responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • opening the studio in the mornings and locking up at night
  • distributing student receipts and collecting cash payments
  • distributing instructor paycheques
  • distributing and collecting course evaluations
  • sweeping and cleanup of the studio before and after each course
  • providing administrative support to instructors as required
  • communicating the day-to-day events of the Conservatory to Volcano staff, specifically in the event of an issue
  • other duties as they arise
The On-Site Coordinator is expected to be at the studio each day, for the full duration of the Conservatory, July 19-28. This typically means an 9:45AM start time, with classes ending at around 9:30PM (a 12 hour day, with a lot of downtime). This is an unpaid position. The On-Site Coordinator receives 50 hours of complimentary class time at the Conservatory.

If you're interested in being our 2013 Volcano Conservatory On-Site Coordinator, contact Ginger Scott today! Please provide a resume and a brief letter of interest (no more than 2 pages total). 

Movement for Actors with Peggy Baker (July 2011)

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