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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Meet a Volcano Artist: Mimi Lien

Who: Mimi Lien
What: Until We Say Yes
When: 2014/15 Volcano Season

Mimi Lien is a much acclaimed and sought after set designer based in Brooklyn, NY – and Volcano’s lucky enough to be working with her on our current production in development Until We Say Yes.

Until We Say Yes is an exploration of migration: people on the verge of large decisions about coming and going, staying or leaving. Set partly in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and partly in whatever theatre it is performed in, the audience will get to follow three fictional love stories told through various media and developed out of seven real-life stories from the cast. These narratives are all interwoven into a portrait of duality - double identity - the essence of the migrant's life.

"I just grabbed a lunch in New York with Mimi, where she had a show running at the Under the Radar Festival, and was on a break from another show she is designing for Lincoln Center. AND she and her husband have just founded their own space in Brooklyn. Mimi Lien is the bomb. Sweet, insightful, smart as a whip. We are lucky to have her collaborating with us. A thrilling talent." - Ross

Here’s a recent article in the New Yorker about Mimi’s work: Critic's Notebook: All Set

...and here’s Mimi talking about her approach to set design and her ideas on expanding beyond the stage: 

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